5 Recommendations – Bangkok to Vientiane by Night Train (1/2)

Night train from Bangkok to Laos, Leaving Bangkok the smooth way ___   5 Thailand to Laos travel recommendations: There is good information out there helping you to get from Bangkok to Laos by night train, but let… Read More

Royal Enfield tour in Laos

Royal Enfield Tours in Laos

– NEW, Royal Enfield Tours in Laos – 1Day Enfield Motorcycle t our in Luang Prabang   After a few days in Luang Prabang I’m ready for some excitement, not sure what I wanted to do but some… Read More


Laos presents country on ITB Asia

Laos showcases the strengths of its tourism potential at ITB Asia in Singapore.   In a private and public effort, Laos successfully showcased the strengths of its tourism potential at this year’s ITB Asia in Singapore.   The… Read More

Luang Prabang Laos Airport Bangkok Airways Plane Adventure

My Exciting ‘Boutique’ Flight to Luang Prabang

After I exited Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to catch my flight for Luang Prabang, nothing could prepare me for what I was about to experience. The company slogan for Bangkok Airways, “Asia’s Boutique Airlines”, could not have been more fitting… Read More

Phi Mai Lao - Laos New Year Parade in Luang Prabang

Lao New Year – Pi Mai Lao in Luang Prabang

Experience the Lao New Year -the Pi Mai Lao in Luang Prabang – Lao water festival I spent my first week in Luang Prabang soaking wet from head to toe for the better part of every day. I… Read More

Laos New Year Pi Mai Lao

Preparing for Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) in Luang Prabang

Experience the Lao New Year in Luang Prabang   I arrived in Laos about a week ago to find the country buzzing with excitement for the upcoming Laos New Year – called Pi Mai Lao, Boun Pi Mai,… Read More

Luang Prabang Yoga Retreat

Luang Prabang: Mekong Yoga Retreat at Hillside Resort

Luang Prabang: Mekong Yoga Retreat & Hillside 2day/2night, with optional Kuang Si Trek Dates : July 19-21 / August 9-11 / Sept 6-8 This Luang Prabang based Yoga Retreat is a unique opportunity to completely unplug and get… Read More

Le Sen Hotel Luang Prabang 08

Staying at Le Sen Hotel Luang Prabang

  A charming visit at the Le Sen Boutique Hotel in Luang Prabang.     Le Sen Boutique Hotel is a very recent addition to the mid-range collection of charming boutique hotels in Luang Prabang. Opened in December… Read More

Maison Dalabua

Maison Dalabua Hotel Luang Prabang

Breakfast @ Maison Dalabua, Luang Prabang     Could this be ‘the perfect place in Luang Prabang’?  Located around a vast and pretty lotus pond, the hotel is peaceful and idyllic, and the Tiger Trail team enjoyed an… Read More

house rent luang prabang

Luang Prabang WEEKLY rental, house, villa…

Luang Prabang house for weekly rent. We recently have received a lot of interest from people who wish to stay in Luang Prabang on a weekly or monthly rental. Through our network it is now possible to offer… Read More

Awk Phansaw Festival, it’s like Christmas and the America’s Cup all in one

Lao Awk Phansaw Festival The Full Moon Festival of Lights   Thousand lights, merit making, boat race, decorated temples, banana-leaf boats – see Laos changed! Also known as Ok Watsa (Awk Watsa), this festival celebrates the end of… Read More


It’s terrible to find oneself reaching for a second helping of dog… We took a two-hour, freezing cold boat ride from Luang Prabang to a Hmong village for Hmong New Year. When we finally arrived, our boat driver/guide… Read More