LAOS – TRAVEL – EXPERIENCE – BLOG is dedicated to give insight information on Laos. We write and share stories about current travel experiences, festivals, developments, reviews or even just funny happenings, that we as local workers, expats and travelers in Laos experience. We all work in travel related fields, are Lao and expat writers who help to assemble the best available travel blog on Laos. Come and read our stories and make more out of your visit and travel experience here in Laos.

This Website is sponsored by Tiger Trail Travel, one of the leading tour operators in Laos with a focus on alternative travel styles and responsible tourism.  Tiger Trail Travel was founded in 2000 after a simple traveler decided to follow his call to adventure. Our team has grown from one person to a diverse group of adventure travel enthusiasts, exploring remote (and not so remote) areas of Laos, creating holistic and unique travel experiences that we share with others.

Through the establishment of the community-based tourism (CBT) part of Tiger Trail Travel, called Fair Trek, the local company gained international recognition for its sustainable travel initiatives and is today a true and profound travel specialist for Laos.


In short, what this site is about again?



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