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1Day Enfield Motorcycle t our in Luang Prabang


After a few days in Luang Prabang I’m ready for some excitement, not sure what I wanted to do but some adventure in this mythical land of Laos was top of my list, I stopped by the Tiger Trail sales Office in the High street were they offered a host of trips, Cycles, Kayaks, Trekking, Homestays and Motorbike Trips. The Motorbike trips caught my eye: a one day classic style Roayl Enfield tour was the one for me.


Royal Enfield tour in Laos


Booked and briefed within 30 mins my trip was set for the next day, I was Excited to say the least, the thought of riding a classic Motorcycle in such a beautiful place of Laos was mouthwatering.

The next morning I arrive at the Motolao Café were I’m met by the Motolao Manager and my guide for the day, also another member of the Motolao Team Rob would accompany us the trip, Rob was in Charge of the bikes, their Mechanic and Enfield Guru, I was happy to have him along, his enthusiasm for the bikes was comforting and essential to help me learn my way around the bike, after a small test ride we were good to go…OMG.


Royal Enfield tour in Laos


We set of out of town towards Sayabouri, the pace was in keeping with a Classic Bike, a slow meander was the order of day taking it all in, Drink breaks and Lunch time conversation was all about the bikes, its truly nostalgic to take this trip, the whole thing is an experience much more than riding a bike from A to B, it’s too hard to explain how much you connect with people and machinery on such a trip.

We rode all Tarmac at my pace, the guys were great and gave me all the time I needed to enjoy my trip, we turned for home at the Mighty Mekong, the bike was performing great, I had got the hang of it, a trip back through time in a Land where Time seems to have stood still, the fact the trip was coming to an end was no bother, these are memories money can buy in Laos…….


Motolao enjoy the ride

Royal Enfield Bike in Laos