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EXPLORE-LAOS.com is dedicated to give insight information on Laos. We write and share stories about current  travel experiences, festivals, developments, reviews or even just funny happenings, that we as local workers, expats and travelers in Laos experience.


Come and read our stories and make more out of your visit and travel experience here in Laos.

Milking Buffalo in Laos – Laos Buffalo Diary Farm, Luang Prabang

The Laos Buffalo Diary is an exciting socially-responsible business recently established consisting of a commercial dairy and production facility. They make products such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream for local and (eventually) overseas customers. How did 2 families ever start to milk buffalo? In 2014 two families travelled to Sri Lanka and loved the

Treehouses on top of the world: Zip-lining in Laos

By Eliot Stein September 15, 2016 At the Gibbon Experience in northwest Laos, zip-lines connect some of the tallest treehouses in the world. (Felipe Rodríguez Vasquez) During our honeymoon, my wife strapped herself to a steel cable, kissed me goodbye and threw herself off the side of a mountain. I watched as she disappeared into the jungle

Fair Trek interview with Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office

Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) and Hopineo present Fair Trek in partnership with Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures. Fair Trek is a community-based tourism initiative that works with local communities to create authentic travel experiences that leave a positive impact.

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