Workshops at TAEC, Traditional Arts Ethnology Center, Luang Prabang.


TAEC Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang Workshop at TAEC

Have you ever wanted to learn how to embroider like a Hmong woman, or try your hand at Khmu bamboo weaving? 

TAEC is now offering half-day workshops for you!  These fun activities are taught by Hmong and Kmhmu artisans, and include a tour of the TAEC exhibits, all materials, and an ethnic food lunch in Le Patio Café. Depending on group size, prices start at just $30 per person, and you can take your handicraft home with you. E-mail our team for details.
Also there is a short promotional video available for the TAEC in Luang Prabang and we hope to be able to send more and more people to this wonderful location and project.

TAEC Promo Video Luang Prabang



The Work of TAEC in Luang Prabang

TAEC Luang Prabang Workshop

The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre is a museum in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR. It is the only independent non-profit museum and resource centre in Laos dedicated to the collection, preservation, and interpretation of the traditional arts and lifestyles of the country’s many and diverse ethnic groups.


TAEC Luang Prabang Museum

TAEC Museum Exhibition

TAEC was founded in 2006 and opened its doors in July 2007, featuring professional exhibitions on the ethnic cultures of Laos, a Museum Shop promoting handicrafts from village artisans, and Le Patio Café. In its first four years, TAEC welcomed over 38,000 Lao and international visitors, and has rapidly emerged as a regional leader in cultural heritage management and community development.


TAEC Luang Prabang Workshop

TAEC Exhibition & Visitor Center

Today, the Centre is engaged in a broad range of museum and community engagement activities, reflecting its commitment to supporting living ethnic minority communities to preserve and promote their cultural heritage while looking towards the future.