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Volunteering in Laos is something you will probably never forget! Our visitors in Laos who engage in community projects take home more then a diary full of memories, or pictures…for most of our students and senior volunteers it becomes a life changing experience that inspires them for a long time.Some of them express themselves in Videos, emails and messages or care-packages that they send over to the hosting communities.



The trend of making a difference in people’s lives while traveling is strong and the movement for fair tourism has long already reached Laos, especially through the involvement and creative minds behind the Fair Trek initiative that was born in Luang Prabang by the Founder and Director of Tiger Trail, Mr. Neuer.

The last groups we have been hosting in Laos came from organizations abroad and most of donations that made the most recent project possible, were raised through our Sweden based Volunteer Travel organization World-Volunteer. The project is by far not yet finished and we expect more and more volunteers coming to Laos and donors to join this newly designed community program.



The Fair Trek principles are simple and so easy to understand that they shine through any of our activities here in Laos. The bottom line is “Tourism Benefiting Communities”! Those who volunteer realize that it’s not just about giving money when it comes to donating, but rather time, work and full engagement.


Coming to Laos and giving your time, or sharing your caring love and skills will simply enable others to benefit through your visit. But further more, as you come home, all of our former volunteers and helpers tell us, “You really feel your own transformation”, as you will then see clearer then ever before how vulnerable and valuable at the same time life and your actions towards other in your surrounding or community are.


By being a volunteer and true traveler you will come home after giving transformation to others that will simply benefit yourself as well. Truly, it could be called transformational travel.


The Luang Prabang ECO Bungalow Project
is on the way, stay tuned…

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