Motorcycling in Laos, for a good cause!


Riding Laos on a motorcycling holiday last year was a real eye opener for me. The scenery is nothing short of stunning the trails are hidden and follow through rugged mountains forever. We were humbled by what we saw, the people, poor as they are, are warm hearted and welcoming. Such warmth impresses itself on the visitor and has given us the reason to return again this year for a longer journey through Laos, for 6 months.

This time in Laos we will be riding in the name of good causes. We are riding our motorbike for children’s education and the mines advisory group MAG, the Lao part of the Mining Advisory Group.  



Laos is still littered with UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) making the land in specific regions hard to use. There remains a threat of bombs laying dormant in the ground, people are still being maimed or killed to this day through this part of the modern Lao history. These bombs are the remaining nightmares of the 2nd Indochina war, or the so called “Secret War” over Laos. Info link of the CIA, the CIA operations in Laos.

Laos is a poor country and the remote villages don’t have much in the way of schools, these are the ones we wish to try and help. They have very little in the way of school equipment and very little funding if any to give their children a proper education.

The Aim during our charity bike ride through Laos is to donate school stationary, pens, books, pencils, and such basic things that will allow children to learn and study or even just to read and write, surly the basics of any education. We would be glad to also receive donations for some sport equipment. Lao books can be purchased through the Lao book project.


We will depart from the UK and Australia and arrive in Laos on the 6th November 2012 and start mapping the remote village schools in the northern part of Laos, before heading down south to the ones we visited last year. We will then meet up with the MAG people and try to get an incite to the dangerous job they do so well, we have made contact with MAG UK and have there support thanks to there kind staff, especially Cat Smith who has since moved on, we will be having various fund raising ideas going on with the aim of raising some money to clear land mines,

A donation of £15 could clear 10 square metres of land.



For those who like to ride motorcycles in Laos, you are welcome to come join us!!

Laos is a motor biking wonderland, so much to see and do, the country is steeped in history, good and bad. Laos is also home to the famous Ho Chi Minh trail which we will be exploring in some depth, please feel free to join in with us at any point here in Laos.


The wonderful Lao country and our motorbike adventure ride for a good cause through beautiful remote Lao villages is awaiting you. In so many areas in Laos time seems to have stood still, and friendly smiling faces and views that stop you dead in your tracks welcome you here in beautiful L


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Information, text and pictures with permission from Motorcycle tours laos team