We thanked Sii at the end of the trip and we all had a hug. We would recommend him unreservedly.

Arriving in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang we were fitted with our bikes for the next 15 days and enjoyed a dinner at a local vocational training restaurant for marginalized youth.

Chris and his group of 6 explored Laos by bicycle over 15 days and has a wonderful experience. “We are a group of successful, demanding 60+ year olds with varying degrees of fitness”, Chris says, ” but our guide Sii very quickly gauged our respective capabilities and aligned the trip accordingly.”

The next morning, day 2, we boarded our boat and cruised up the Mekong River to the Pak Ou caves famous the the 4000 Buddha figurines inside. We then cycled to Pak Beng and onto Nong Khiaw passing rugged karst landscapes.

The morning of day 3 we took another boat, this time on the Nam Ou river from Nong Khiaw to a small village at the starting point of a trek to the 100 waterfalls discovered by Tiger Trail. It’s a small village and past this we trek on an easy route through rice fields and small streams.

We were surrounded by jungle and the noise of cascading water from the falls. on the way up we needed a helping hand at times and we enjoyed a locally made lunch at the top. We follow a small trail back down enjoying the views and stayed in the village the night.

Day 4 saw us trekking to caves that sheltered people during the Secret War and still have relics of its inhabitants and later we cruise back on the Nam Ou river to Nong Khiaw. Nong Khiaw is a very pretty town, with amazing views from the Mountain Top.

Day 5. We take a 2 hour boat trip downstream which was visually stunning. The scenery just got better and better. Passing along the calm river surrounded by karst rock mountains on both sides, passing by the occasional local and water buffalo bathing in the river. We get on our bikes and cycle about 40 kms to Luang Prabang where we enjoy another night in the quaint town littered with temples and colonial buildings.

Day 6 we head to another province, Sayaboury. The home of the Elephant Conversation Centre where we will spend 2 days. But first, we bike 61 km to a tiny village and stop at Khachan waterfall on the way.

Day 7 and we complete our route to Sayaboury through mountains along the 51 km route. We stay in a lovely local guesthouse.

Day 8. The Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) is the most well regarded elephant protection program in Laos. The centre is entertaining fun and educational and we stay in excellent accommodation and enjoy local Lao food.

Day 9 we spend the morning looking around the ECC and had lunch with the elephants. After lunch we transferred to the sleepy junction of Kasi and arrived at around 7pm for dinner and rest.

Day 10 We start the morning ride in the luscious vale of Kasi and head towards the mountains of Phou Khoun we could cycle as much as we feel like today and transfer the rest in the support van back once again to Luang Prabang. 43 km.

Day 11 was a stunner. We cycled to Kuangsi Waterfalls which was 30 km. The ride was okay with a few hills and the falls were spectacular. We swam and hiked 8 km through the jungle to the Eco bungalow we were staying the night at in Long Lao Mai village. The Eco bungalow is the first Adobe built Eco-bungalow in Laos built by volunteers and managed by Tiger Trial and the local community this unique property adds a interesting twist to a homestay. We had plenty of time to get the locals and visit the local shamen before dinner with the chief!

Day 12 we trekked on towards the remote village of Nong Khauy for a true taste of untouched rural life. Nong Khauy is nestled between spectacular mountains and is home to hundreds of children and a pretty little pre-school donated in 2016. The Eco bungalow opened the same year and provides the subsistence farming community with diversity and much needed additional income which is kept in the village fund and used to improve the infrastructure and lives of the villagers.

Day 13 After Breakfast in the village we began the thrilling 40 km ride back to Luang Prabang. 9 km downhill on a dirt road and a dirt track through the backroads of Huay Fai village and into Luang Prabang again.

Day 14 We enjoy the day in Luang Prabang. We marveled at the temples that litter town and the French colonial peninsula.and climbed Mt Phoisi the the most amazing 360 degree view over Luang Prabang.

For short and long biking tours in Laos contact Biking Laos.