The Monk’s Long March (ຕະຫລາດສົດ ບ້ານໜອງບົວທອງ) takes place at Ban Norng Bua Tong Market, located at Km. 40 on Route 13S. It serves as the meeting point for Day 3 of this unique Buddhist practice known as Dhutanga. During this practice, monks engage in long-distance walking meditation, carrying their belongings in bowls and using a large umbrella with a mosquito net wrapped around it, or even a modern tent.

This is a significant event as it marks the first mass tudong in Laos in many years, if ever. Over 100 participants, including monks, novices, nuns, and lay followers, are embarking on a 45-day journey. The march began on the 27th at Wat That Luang in Vientiane and has now reached the 40km mark for the midday meal offerings. The ultimate destination is Savannakhet, which is 463kms away.

More than 77 monks and novices, along with approximately 50 nuns and other walkers. Among the support vehicles, there is an ambulance available. It’s worth noting that around 10% of the walkers who are going barefoot have bandaged feet.

Leading this procession is Phra Acharn Saen, the abbot of Wat None Vivek Pa Nakham, located about 20kms north of the Tha Ngon bridge.

Thanks to Rod Plant for the information and images