Meeting House Complete and Workshop Coming Soon:

The meeting house in Ban Huay Fai that is used to produce Jungle Jars, a community initiative setup during COVID is finished, and as soon as the village gets electricity (late January), we’ll be opening the doors to a brand new training workshop. This exciting space will provide valuable skills and opportunities for the community.

Repurposing the Past:

But that’s not all! The beloved old meeting house, is getting a fresh lease on life. We’ll be transforming it into a communal mushroom shelter on March 24th with the help of student groups. This innovative project will not only foster sustainable agricultural practices, but also serve as a symbol of community’s resourceful spirit.

Bamboo Craftsmanship Blossoms:

Speaking of resourcefulness, check out Jungle Jar’s latest creation. They are busy crafting beautiful and functional bamboo coffee drip pourers, and building sturdy wooden crates to be used as POS boxes in hotels, restaurants, and gift stores. These unique bamboo and wood products not only showcase local craftsmanship, but also offer sustainable alternatives to plastic options.

Education Takes Flight:

Good news for students in Phonsa! The high school on Route 13 is getting a brand new building. Early 2024 will see the start of construction, with the approval process currently underway at the Ministry of Education. This modern facility will provide a vital learning environment for generations to come.

Fairtrek Student Groups:

We’re thrilled to announce that two Fairtrek groups will be helping in 2024! Their dedicated volunteers contribute immensely to our community projects, and we’d love to welcome even more in the future so contact Tiger Trail Travel if you’d like to bring your school group to Laos!

Ban Huay Fai is buzzing with activity and brimming with hope for the future. We are building, creating, and learning, all while embracing sustainable practices and preserving our heritage. Stay tuned for more updates and come visit us to see our progress firsthand! Contact Tiger Trail Travel.