The Living Land Farm Experience
in Luang Prabang


Living Land Farm Cooking Rice LaosWhat do you know about rice? What do you know about selecting the seed, the preparation of the fields, the planting or even just harvesting and treating this precious plant…?? We have visited the Living Land Farm in Luang Prabang and have learned all about it! On this tour you learn a lot about this amazing gift that provides food to most of the people living on planet earth. Truly, RICE is LIFE!


This is a Luang Prabang based interactive program that is suitable for adults and children alike. The seed to harvest experience in Laos, presented by Tiger Trail in cooperation with Living Land Farm.

An Interactive Half Day or Full Day Program,
Luang Prabang Living Land Organic Farm Tour


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Rice is the ultimate foundation of everyday life in Asia and yet it is still a mystery for many visitors. On this exceptional tour, you will be a rice farmer for a day.Learning how to select the seeds, plant, plough with the help of the farms water buffalo and every other step until the last one… eating!

[learn_more caption=”Learn more about RICE, click here!”] Rice is truly unique because it can grow in wet environments that other crops cannot survive in. Such wet environments are abundant across Asia where rice is grown. Rice plays an important role in many cultures indeed, so it does in the Lao culture.

For thousands of years different parts of the rice plant have been used in religious and ceremonial occasions, as medicine, and as inspiration and medium for a great number of artwork. Rice is grown in more than a hundred countries, with a total harvested area in 2009 of approximately 158 million hectares, producing more than 700 million tons annually (470 million tons of milled rice). About 90% of the rice in the world is grown in Asia (nearly 640 million tons).[/learn_more]

 Luang Prabang Living Land Farm Laos

You can buy instant boxed rice either Uncle Ben’s or some other corporate brand, microwave it for two minutes and it is ready to eat. But do you know what it takes to cultivate, harvest and prepare rice before it is ready to eat. It takes a lot more than two minutes in the microwave. This unique half-day activity invites you on an in depth and hands-on learning experience where you will participate in 14 steps of the rice cycle on the Living Lands community farm.


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The Living Land Farm, a community enterprise in Luang Prabang maintains educational programs and professional organic farming right next to village rice paddies. Only small groups are able to visit the Living farm and the interactive rice farming experience which actively benefits locals from the community. It also helps maintain the villagers’ in their traditional form. You will see and learn about bamboo weaving, tool and trap making gardening and even blacksmithing.


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The Living Land : Rice is Life : Half Day Tour Program:

This rice tour starts from Luang Prabang with TukTuk. You will arrive at the Living Lands Organic Farm where you meet your group and your local Lao farming guide. You are invited to interact and experience each step of the rice planting and growing process firt hand. You will immediiately see how different tools are created. The Living Land tour takes about 3 hours and ends with a tasting of the traditional foods made from rice, snacks only. You will have a new appreciation for rice and admiration for the people of Lao who to this day continue to harvest rice without modern machinery.

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The Living Land : Rice is Life: Full Day Tour Extension:

The full day tour will continue from the Living Lands “Rice is Life” experience to the Kuang Si Waterfalls. You will have lunch at the waterfall and enjoy a short trek to the top of the falls. If you feel adventurous ask your guide to take you off the trail to the hidden pools. Transportation to the falls provided by TukTuk.


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This is a great tour for families and people of all ages (children over 10 years can join actively in interactive elements) great photo opportunities, a perfect family experience.