LEOT project Luang Prabang
acquired the Olympic flag


The Lao national flag which was recently carried before Lao’s top athletes at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in the recent London Olympics has been acquired by the newly opened LEOT English Learning Centre (LELC) in Luang Prabang.


The Centre, which offers free English classes to disadvantaged young people, is financed by the Lao Education Opportunities Trust, a UK charity which has spent over 1,600,000,000 Lak on the education of young people in Laos over the last 5 years.

Lao Olympic Flag return to Laos


The new Centre is teaching English classes to over 100 young people in a purpose designed building with the most modern resources and teaching approaches.


The flag, along with a certificate of authenticity, was bought by a LEOT supporter in a public auction held by the Olympic authorities, and will arrive in Laos next month to go on permanent display in the LELC building which is located in Ban Panluang. Members of the local community will be invited to carry the flag to its new home and suitable celebrations will be organised to celebrate this unique event. LELC staff and management hope that many local people will wish to come to see the flag once it is installed.


Lao Flag in Luang Prabang

LEOT, which is free of all political and religious links, is financed by small voluntary contributions mostly from people who have visited Laos on holiday and want to support the educational and economic development of the country. Apart from the Centre, LEOT supports 20-25 students a year through its scholarship programme, enabling poor youngsters to attend College and University.

The Olympic flag with be a further public demonstration of LEOT’s continuing commitment to the people of LAO PDR.


We are thanking Mr. Alan Shiel from LEOT Luang Prabang for this post

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