Hillside Resort is a “lifestyle” hotel
in the countryside of Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang Resort


We recently enjoyed a family day, just 20 min. drive from Luang Prabang.

Hillside Resort Luang Prabang

We indulged in some easy activities for the adults, while the kids-crew took a car and awaited us at the swimming pool. Be assured, in this magic place, The Hillside, which is settled in a lush tropical garden, a nearly perfect paradise is waiting for you. While staying at Hillside, you can walk out into the Lao hill country, visit villages and waterfalls, take a stroll in small communities and enjoy views into an unspoiled valley.

With this new resort opening its doors in Luang Prabang you can actively explore the hidden treasures of nature, just 12 km away from the world heritage town. The location is perfect to combine a trek to the Kuang Si waterfalls as well as mountain biking tours and cultural excursions.


Hillside Resort Luang Prabang


The Hillside Experience on our first day: 
Discover Waterfalls & Jungles, explore Lao village life and enjoy the pool! Hillside Resort Luang Prabang Laos

Our family friendly tour started in Luang Prabang in the morning with a short TukTuk ride to the unknown  That Thong waterfall. We commence our trek to the hidden valley through small trails in thick jungle, though on a really good walking path. Just a bit later we do a last stretch of uphill walking to enjoy water cascades and just 20 min. later a local Lao village.

Hillside Resort Luang Prabang After the village visit and some small talks with the Khamu villagers, we take another short hike through a wide open plateau. The landscape is impressive and offers views and visits to rice paddies and agricultural areas. Just in time for lunch, we arrived at the Hillside Resort, ready for a jump into the pool that’s set perfectly into a large tropical garden. No need to say what we did all afternoon…we enjoyed the cooling poolside seating area and the great food that was served. An evening BBQ dinner made our stay a really memorable day.

The 2nd day at Hillside
with the famous Kuang Si Trek and visit to the Bear Rescue center
Hillside Resort Laos

The sound of nature was the only thing to hear at night, what a wonderful thing to “hear”, pure nature and not even a single engine or car…  I wish we could have such morning every day, it would still be special after a hundred times.

Breakfast was prepared as we walked to the pool for a morning swim. Today’s activities, our guide informed us, would lead us to one of the greatest highlights around Luang Prabang, the Kuang Si waterfalls.

Hillside Resort Luang Prabang We got picked up with a truck and took another 30 min. ride on a dirt road through small villages. Finally the road finished and we started exploring the local community and their gardens before heading towards our 3+ hour hike to the waterfalls…truly, a great trail to walk on. We have seen no other people escept a few farmers and hunter until we arrived at the top of the stunning natural wonder: The Kuang Si waterfalls. A steep climb alongside the falls brought us to the bottom of the falls, welcoming our crew for a refreshing swim. We finished our second day of the Hillside Experience with a 40 min.  transfer back to Luang Prabang in afternoon.


Hillside Laos


Hillside Resort Luang Prabang