The Kajsiab Foundation

Bokeo Province, Laos

The Kajsiab Foundation offers support to locals in the far north east of Laos. This update encourages to give help to this great initiative.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” Mother Teresa

The Kajsiab Foundation Bokeo Province, Laos

Do you want to help the Lao People together with us?

The last three years we all worked together with a lot of passion and will-power to build up Project Kajsiab Laos. Without the energy of the Kajsiab Members, the passion of the volunteers, the support of many people and the perseverance of the mountain people we would never have been able to achieve this.

Project Kajsiab Laos is strong, successful and developing steady.

Now we need your help more than ever.

–      To keep running our Shelter for information and advice and to start up the Women’s Workplace.

–      To help the mountain people to build up a healthy and self sustaining life with education for their children.

Do you want to become a yearly sponsor of Project Kajsiab Laos?

You will receive every 6 months an update and every year a personal present from the women of the mountains of Laos.

 The Kajsiab Foundation Bokeo Province, Laos

You will help for example to:

The Kajsiab Foundation Bokeo Province, Laos

  • -Give the children a nutritious meal before and after school – 365 euro per year per child
  • Build a toilet in one of the mountain villages – 250 euro per toilet
  • Give a Woman from the mountains a two-week course in the Woman’s Shelter provided with food and shelter so that she can learn to generate her own income for her family – 100 euro per two weeks
  • A trip by Car to one of the villages to teach English, provide information and advice and transport ill people to the hospital – 80 euro per trip
  • Sponsor a girl to get extra schooling after for years not being able to go to school due to changing cultural values (she will be allowed to go to school instead of marrying at 15) – 500 euro per year
  • Buy a goat for the Goat Cheese project – 150 euro per goat
  • Buy a computer for the shelter and the Women’s Workplace for training in computer skills – 400 euro per laptop
  • One day running costs of the Shelter and the Women’s Workplace where Kajsiab provides advice, education, training in English Conversation, Sexual Knowledge, Hygiene families, making Local Products, Building up own Business – 60 euro per day

Project Laos Kajsiab Bokeo

Down to Earth Support for the Mountain people in Bokeo Province, Laos

Support a small-scale, a transparent project with direct contact in your own circle of friends, Lara Picavet, Dutch, born and grown up in Hulst, Zeeland and living for ten years in Laos. Lara is one of the founders of Project Kajsiab and is working and living nine months a year on the Kajsiab Base itself. You can always email Lara personally:

  • 70 % of the Kajsiab Team is working without a salary, Laotian, living in one of the mountain villages.
  • 30 % of the Kajsiab Team is working a a paid trainee, Laotian, living in one of the mountain villages, working on a self sustainable future for her/his family
  • 100 % of the foreign volunteers is working without a salary and paying a small amount for food and shelter
  • 100 % of the income from the self sustainability activities goes directly to the running of the Shelter and the Women’s Workplace
  • The Project is running now for 30% self sufficiently and will be for 100% self sufficient

Make a huge difference in the lives of people by for example donating 100 euro per year (automatically transferred each year)…..this is as much as buying one bottle of wine a month or having a cup of coffee in a coffee shop a month.

Small steps make a lot of impact and can be the difference between being able to create a healthy and sustainable life or day by day trying to survive.

It is possible to directly donate to: Stichting Kajsiab / Kajsiab Foundation, rekeningnummer / accountnumber: 1408 07 810, Rabobank Hulst

Donations from non-Dutch Banks information:

You can with a few clicks directly donate on the website donation page. Click on “Donate Now”

Or you can transfer money with the SWIFT CODE: mBIC/SWIFT: RABONL2U, IBAN: NL79 RABO 0140 8078 10

We would like to add that without the support of many generous people and groups Kajsiab would never have been able to exist.

Thank you so much from the deepest of our hearts for your support and confidence!

Kajsiab Team

Project Laos Kajsiab Bokeo

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, feed just one” mother Teresa