A Lao Adventure,

on the kayak, the walls and the majestic Nam Ou and Mekong river

A visit to Luang Prabang comes with a great amount of adventure and activity opportunities. This last addition of fun-action-adventure was tested by our former GM Tad Williams and stands out as a (slighly dangerous) ultimate Lao adventure.



Kayak and Climbing in Luang Prabang – SOLO TRIP

“We strapped a kayak to the top of our neighbor’s tuk tuk and drove 45min outside of Luang Pabang to put in on the Nam Ou river. We got to the cliffs after navigating some turbulent water and began deep water climbing, in awe of the natural beauty that engulfed us. After exploring a lost island temple in the Mekong, we paddled for four hours through several rain storms, passing village fishermen who cheered us on along the way. As night fell, Luang Prabang came into sight, and exhausted, we headed home as content as we could ever be.”

Thanks again to the adventurous explorers,

Great to see it on a short video!!