Hi everyone. I’m Jordi, the new Tiger Trail representative for Spanish-speaking clients.


viajes a laos Luang Prabang

viajes a laos Luang Prabang A little info about me:

I fell in love with Laos back in 2006, when I entered the country for the first time. On that first trip to Laos I travelled every province of the country with my friend Ferran, with the goal of writing a travel and culture guide of Laos. Soon I was hooked by the warmth and easygoing ways of the people, their rich and ancient cultures and traditions, the amazing nature and landscapes, and the feeling of a quiet mystery hanging in the air, with surprises ready to reveal themselves when more unexpected. For some months in 2007, and again in 2008, we continued travelling around the country, doing our best to learn the basics of the Lao language, and collecting all the information we needed for the book while enjoying the ride.


The book was finally published in December 2010, and since mid-2010 I’ve been working as a tour leader for group trips to South and Southeast Asia, mainly in Laos. This experience has proved very valuable to get to know what different kinds of travellers expect from their trips to Laos, and how to accomplish their expectations or get as close to them as possible.


When I have free time in my yearly Southeast Asian seasons, I like to spend time in the incredibly beautiful town of Luang Prabang, to go trekking in the remote northern mountains inhabited by minority ethnic groups, or to rent a scooter and travel around the southern provinces, slowly riding next to rice fields, limestone cliffs and waterfalls, and stopping in small villages along the way.

viajes a Laos Luang Prabang

Now, in 2014, while writing a new book for Spanish readers on the culture of Laos, I’ve started offering my own routes to Laos for Spanish speaking travellers, under the name Territori Naga. This routes aim to provide a good balance of fun, culture and nature, and to help the traveller experience a close contact with Laos’s quiet pace of life, and with a culture so fascinating and different to what we westerners are used to.


viajes a laos jordi territori di naga

I’m really enthusiastic about starting this collaboration with the Tiger Trail team:
I have already had contact with them for some years, and I know by first hand their solid planning, organization and logistical work, their kind and knowledgeable staff, and their wide-range catalog of trips and activities. Right now I’m already working in order to be ready to provide accurate and personalized service to Spanish speaking Tiger Trail clients very soon. Hope to hear from you soon, hasta pronto!


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