One year ago Tiger Trail set out to build a school for the village of Ban Na Luang. The chief and elders of the village asked Tiger Trail if we could help to build a school for their children. The families of Ban Na Luang have been gracious hosts to many travelers on Tiger Trail treks in northern Laos. Our Team at Tiger Trail started to think of ways to help them with their request. The idea emerged to work with clay as it was an abundant resource wholesale NBA jerseys in the village, has been tested by time as a building material in many environments similar to Laos, was free! and could be used with basic training. The village agreed to help make clay adobe cheap jerseys bricks and volunteers came to help with the project.

Through cooperation with the local people of Na Luang and partner organizations like World Volunteer and Lao Project Group, we are thrilled to announce the completion of first ever clay school in Laos!  Sense Acrylbeschichtung the beginning of this project seven new families have moved to the village.  This school provides three cheap MLB jerseys separate class rooms and паспарту will offer enough space for all the kids of the village to learn.

Adobe Clay School Project Laos

Tiger Trail Clay School Laos

In the next week we will have the opening ceremony where the Educational Department of Lao PDR will officially hand over the school to the village.  It has been a lot of hard Elephant work but, many people have come to this village to experience something truly unique and their sweat has gone into the walls of this school.  So, what can tourism accomplish?  It can do damage, but it has I the potential to do great things and we believe that this school is a sign of many more projects focused on the positive impact that tourism can have.