(Updated : Jan 2020)


2020 is an important year for both Lao Friends Hospital for Children and Tiger Trail Travel.

Anyone who has experienced Laos can say without a doubt that this is a country full of magic. For some people, it is the magic of sunrise over the Mekong. For others, it is the magic of food layered in flavors previously unknown. Yet others feel the magic that comes with being a part of something so much bigger than yourself, the magical feeling of community. It is that feeling of community that washes over you when speaking with team members of both Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) and Tiger Trail Travel, two very different organizations rooted deeply in Luang Prabang by their love of this country and its people.

In 2020, LFHC celebrates 5 years of community support and Tiger Trail celebrates 20 years! So it seemed quite logical to commemorate these milestones by joining forces on another wonderfully fun event. Hence, Works of HeART was born. Works of HeART is so named to highlight how creative expression carries life and love throughout a community just as our hearts carry lifeblood through our bodies.

What is Works of HeART?

Beginning December 1st and running through February 7th, the Works of HeART event encourages children to let free their inner artist. With the support of several local schools, sheets of paper with the outline of a t-shirt on them will be available for students to design a shirt showcasing what it is they love most about Laos. Of course, participation is not limited to only certain schools! All children ages 5 to 12 are encouraged to stop by LFHC, Friends Gallery on Kitsalat Rd, or the Tiger Trail Office on Sisavangvong Rd next to the National Museum to show us what they love about Laos. Please limit entries to 1 per child.

On February 8th, the drawings will be collected and presented to a selection committee for determination as to which paper t-shirt will come to life! The committee will approve 1 design to become a shirt with 5 additional designs chosen to become greeting cards. Proceeds from the sales of the shirts and greeting cards will go to LFCH.

The free exhibition at Friends Gallery in Luang Prabang on February 14th from 5pm – 7pm is where the selections will be revealed. During the Works of HeART exhibition, all designs will be showcased so all children and their families have a chance to see their artwork on the wall of a gallery!

How You Can Support Works of HeART

Shirts and greeting cards will be available after February 20th, 2020 at Friends Gallery and the Tiger Trail sales office near the National Museum for visitors to Luang Prabang. If you would like to make direct donation to the LFHC, visit https://fwab.org/donate/  or for more information, contact relations@fwablaos.org