Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Tiger Trial employed over 25 full-time guides. The only company in Laos to employ guides permanently all year round. Unfortunately, when Lao borders were closed in March 2020, many of these employees retreated to their home villages to return to subsistence farming providing for their families.

The tourism industry died instantly and is suffering without any support available.

However, after many years working in the city (some staff have been with Tiger Trail for 18 years), and with the overheads that city life accrues, many guides are struggling to maintain payments on housing, schooling, and other necessities. After a few customers sent funds to be distributed to guides, Tiger Trail started a relief fund to help guides until Laos can welcome visitors back to Laos.

If you want to help any of the guides you made friends with whilst travelling, then please feel free to use the link below to contribute to the fund. if you have a specific person you wish to help then please add it in a comment or a supporting email.

Thank you for your support in advance.