Luang Prabang Pool Time

Luang Prabang is truly a chilled out town and some have called Luang Prabang the most laid back place in Asia after all. But where to take a swim in the pool?


Luang Prabang Pool

Still Luang Prabang is in a subtropical region and since there is no ocean close by the best way to cool down, have a swim and meet new people is by visiting a pool. There is several places that offer a pool in town, including some hotels (expensive), and privately owned (mostly a bit dirty but cheap) Lao pool places with concrete torture seating. But for the in-town splash solution, PISTOCHE is the best you can have!


Pistoche has it’s great grand opening
and re-launch these days!

La Pistoche is the perfect place especially if you’re too drowsy from the hot weather in Luang Prabang on a day with loads of sun and no wind. A city tour in Luang Prabang by foot or a bike can be quite hot and sweaty, so make sure you know where to head after you have done the temples and pagodas, the market and the views from Phousi hill.



Remember it, it’s PISTOCHE, and not only is this a pool, it also come with the right vibes of near-the-beach feeling and music, snacks and drinks as well as regular pool-parties. Simply a pool with good music, internet, board games, food, and service with a heart. Every TukTuk can show you the way and may even come back if you tell them how long it will take until you are…done, drunk… There is an entrance fee of course and special offers depending on the season and time of the day. The Lao cocktails seem to deserve a great deal of mention there.

Pistoche Pool Luang Prabang Laos



This one is a bit more difficult, as you could call the best pool in nature any of the Luang Prabang waterfalls, but obviously a pool, a private one, has a lot of advantages. Hillside Resort outside of Luang Prabang has what it needs for a day out, with an infinity pool waiting in the middle of the Lao mountains. There is great food, relaxed atmosphere and hardly any guest over the days. Rent a motorbike and take a cruise out, it’s a pleasant, beautiful 20 min. ride. Tuk Tuks may not know, as it is a fairly new place. You can enjoy beach volleyball, table tennis as well as other stuff…like a walk into rice paddies, a viewpoint over a valley and so on.

Pool, Luang Prabang Laos Swimming Pool


Wanna be a lobster? NO!!!
Still, after all these years of “modern world” didn’t you get the message, SUN is dangerous, and DOES create cancer (if you take it in too much)! EVERY sunburn is dangerous and your skin does NOT forgive… so, please do us (the expat community who has to see this every day) the favor and bring your sun screen and mosquito repellent and enjoy!


Pistoche swimming pool Luang Prabang, Laos