An evening on top of
phousi Mountain in Luang Prabang



“You’re going to sweat from places you never dreamt you’d sweat from” –  That was what our friends, who’d already visited the temple on the Phousi mountains summit, told us about the “climb”. Therefore we prepared ourselves for a hard walk. With 6 litres of water, running shoes and shorts, my two friends and I started walking the stairs. However, it turned out our preparations were all in vain.



The stairs were quite steep, however, going halfway up took us about 3-4 minutes. The other half took about the same, and on top of the mountain, we hadn’t event touched our water.

Nonetheless, it was beautiful at the top. The peaceful Phousi Temple is located on the summit, and around it, wonderful viewpoints. You could see almost all of Luang Prabang and its beautiful surroundings, which was just magical. You could also visit the temple interior, with its gorgeous altars and flowers.


Walking up the mountain is a great activity, with beautiful experiences and views, it hardly costs anything (20 000 kip per person), and it’s quick and easy. If you are young and fit, up and down takes about 15 minutes together and on the top you don’t need more than thirty minutes. We did the entire thing in less than an hour, taking our time.  But don’t take it from me, go up there and check it out for yourself!