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Enjoy the luxury, beauty, and bliss of the Muang La Resort and the Nam Ou River in Northern Laos

Muang La Resort


Have you heard of the Muang La Resort in Laos?


It’s one of the best and most unique resorts you will find in Northern Laos. Muang La Resort promises the visitor a stay that will feel like a journey – a time to discover the magic of their surroundings. This sense of discovery coupled with personalized and intimate service gives guests not just accommodation but a truly unforgettable travel experience.


Muang La Resort


About the Muang La Resort:


Location of Muang La Resort

Muang La Resort is located in the Northeastern corner of Laos, not far from China or Vietnam (6 hours from Luang Prabang). It is nestled between mountains, rice fields, and a river – right on the outskirts of a small traditional village. It is an ideal location both naturally and culturally – well off the beaten tourist path and amidst many intriguing and diverse ethnic minority groups.




Facilities and Staff

The founder of the Muang La Resort wanted the hotel to assimilate into the beautiful surroundings rather than take it over. This vision has been accomplished by keeping it small – only 5 villas and 10 bedrooms built in a traditional style. The lodge is surrounded by tropical gardens that are as beautiful at night, drowned in the ambiance of thousands of candles, as they are during the day. The resort really lives up to its function as a retreat with its elevated spa, which is fed by an eco-friendly natural hot spring and offers views of the river and mountains.

The rooms are each uniquely decorated with textiles from local artisans and named after one of the nearby ethnic minority groups. (Hmong, Akha, Ikho, etc)

The staff of the resort is almost exclusively from the neighboring villages, so you will get a sense of the ethnic and cultural diversity unique to the area right from the comfort of your retreat.




Muang La Resort


Activities and Food

The Muang La Resort offers traditional herbal saunas, Lao massage, and many comfortable spots to lounge and watch the days go by.

Lao-Thai cuisine is served by the transient restaurant, meaning that a table will be set for you wherever you like – the garden, your room, the small river island – there is really no limit. You can also choose to take a cooking class – highly recommended.

The resort is set up for events and celebrations such as weddings and baci ceremonies.

Finally, you can take a 4×4, mountain bike, or trek to go see and meet local ethnic villages and villagers.




Muang La Resort


Muang La Resort


Tiger Trail’s Exclusive Muang La & Nam Ou Tour

Day 1: Take the scenic drive from Luang Prabang to Muang La resort. Have a picnic lunch, stop to stretch your legs and take in the views along the way, and walk through the Oudom Xai food market.

Day 2: Go to the neighboring village of Pak La and take in the customs and daily life of Khmu people. Walk up to the Pha Chiao Sing Kham temple, which houses a sacred and secretive Buddha statue. Take lunch in the resort, take a walk in the surrounding forests and rice fields, and enjoy your dinner at the resort.

Day 3: For example, You will take a 4×4 adventure or hiking tour into the mountains where you will visit villages of two ethnic groups – the Ikhos and the Hmong – as well as more stunning landscape views. Experience a part of the animist beliefs in Laos in the form of a baci ceremony. This traditional ceremony, “recall of the souls” is meant to keep a person’s 32 souls from escaping their body. An elder officiates over family and friends who gather in a room with an alter with offering such as cakes, fruits, candles, liquor, incense, etc – and tie cotton strands, which symbolize the souls around the wrists. The ceremony is followed by a meal and is really something you can only experience in Laos.

Day 4: Drive from Muang La Resort to the Nam Ou river where you will embark on a journey down the limestone karst lined river from the comfort of a luxury boat. Stop for a picnic lunch on the riverbank before arriving in the beautifully sleepy town of Nong Khiaw where you will discover another one of the best resorts Laos has to offer – the Mandala Ou.

Day 5: You will leave Nong Khiaw by cruise or by road and stop at the famous Pak Ou caves, filled with thousands of Buddha statues, before returning back to Luang Prabang.


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