Motorbike Rent & Scooter Rent in Luang Prabang

For decades, discovering South-East-Asia with a Motorcycle or a Scooter has been the choice of alternative travelers and those usually who ride motorbikes at home. One could simply rent the bikes, head off to explore and get yourself lost in the landscapes, cultures and potholes along the way… Often roadside invitations, or (unwillingly) over night stays, puncture push-the-bike-workouts or “where was that gas-station again” led to the most awkward motorcycle tour adventure stories that are still told to grandchildren decades later.

Since roads have improved and satellite navigation came into play and even basic mobile phone connectivity become available post-millennia, the adventures may have changed, but not the desire…to discover Laos.

And even in Laos, where motorcycle rental was restricted over many years and supply was limited, nowadays every larger town offers motorbikes and scooters to be rented… 

Motorcycle rental in Luang Prabang is the best way to see the city and surrounding countryside. It’s easy and affordable, and provides a variety of different options, from automatic scooters to manual Honda CRF250Ls – whichever you’re comfortable with. With us, it’s a simple registration process requiring a passport as a deposit, and in exchange you’ll receive a bike and a helmet. Once the paperwork is done, you’ll be on your way.

If you staying local, then the scooters are a great way to see the whole city. Twists the throttle and you’ll be off to explore temples, waterfalls, local villages, and other points of interest. There’s easy parking everywhere and a couple of gas stations in town to fill up at.

If you’re into the bigger bikes, the Honda CRF 250L the choice for you. It’s got on and off-road capabilities which allow you to take it to places not on the typical tourist map. Explore the surrounding steep hills, waterfalls, and rice paddies of Luang Prabang, our countryside has a lot to offer. Travelling the country roads is quite easy – most villages hold fuel and are always willing to help the traveller if you find yourself in a tight spot.

Our staff are also available to help you plan your journey with maps and give you basic tips for safety and otherwise. What are you waiting for?