As reports, Laos is one of the most overlooked and underrated destinations to visit in 2022.

The lovely landlocked Laos is, more often than not, overlooked by Southeast Asia vacation hunters in favor of tropical beach destinations like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. But this alluring Southeast Asian republic can rival the rest of the region thanks to its ravishing rainforests, ancient Khmer temples, sprawling rice terraces, rural villages, and, unsurprisingly, its unstoppable cuisine that leaves nothing to be desired.

As told by experienced backpackers who’ve explored Southeast Asia, unspoiled Laos today is said to be what Thailand was decades ago before its tourism surge, and although it may lack the mega metropolises of Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand, it more than makes up for it with its tranquillity, underdeveloped infrastructure, and untouched nature-laden lands – which are all part of the charm that makes the place so special. If Laos is indeed what Thailand used to be in its former days before it caught the world’s attention, then the answer is simple: go and see it now before it becomes a tourist magnet.

Check out some of Northern Laos most popular tours. Laos opened for tourism on 1 Jan and this is slowly seeing tourists reenter Laos. Tour operators are seeing bookings increase for April 2022 onwards.

Current Laos COVID-19 Travel information is available here.

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