An Elephant Adventure in Luang Prabang at the

Elephant Village

A story from Fair Trek team intern in Luang Prabang, Laos. Last Saturday I went on a tour and my time was mostly spent on an elephant’s back and it was great! The day started with a bumpy, but fun tuk tuk ride to the Elephant Village a few kilometers from Luang Prabang, I was on my way to a One Day Mahout Experience. With the mountains and the Nam Khan river floating peacefully in the background, the scenery of the Elephant Village is really stunning, no,…AMAZING.

Elephant Village Mahout Program Tiger Trail

The first thing I got to do was to learn some basic commands to control the elephant. I was trying to steer the elephant but she was more interested in getting a snack than to turn right or left, I guess my career as a Mahout would not be that successful.

Mahout experience tour, Tiger Trail

When the Mahout training was over we enjoyed an impressive experience of an elephant ride on the Howdah (Elephant seat) and on the elephants neck down the Nam Khan River. My Tiger Trail guide had valuable information to share and the Mahout even offered to take photos for us…

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Elephant ride, Tiger Trail Laos Elephant Village tour

The elephant was walking on the bottom of the river and at certain points it was quite deep, almost the whole elephant was under water, and I got wet feet, but it was nice to dip your feet into the cool water.

Elephant Village Mahout Program Tiger Trail

After this exciting experience it was time for lunch at Elephant Village, and what a view!

Elephant Village Mahout Program Tiger Trail

The best part of the day was washing the elephants, we got an elephant each and we went down to the Nam Khan River for a refreshing bath. I´m going to be honest, it was quite scary at times riding on the elephant’s neck down to the river, since it was steep, but when we were finally in the water it was really fun and wet!

Elephant Tour Luang Prabang, Tiger Trail elephant village

The day ended with a dip in Elephant Village´s swimming pool and a boat tour to Tad Sae Waterfalls which was a great and relaxing ending to an exciting day! If you wish to follow my footspteps and get a similar tour, I can recommend to look online with the following exciting tours,…I will hopefully be able to try all of them, but for now this was a great start. HIGHLY recommended…

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Elephant Tour Luang Prabang, Tiger Trail elephant villageWaterfall Luang Prabang, Elephant Village Tiger Trail tour