Fair Trek’s work with many groups of volunteers result in the village of Houy Fay having a beautiful primary and preschool and now, they also have safer grounds!

The pre-school was totally redone, changing the mud floor and bamboo construction to a concrete and cement construction. The primary school was repainted and now the structures are a great place to focus and study. The only thing missing was a fence around the school grounds. The school is located right next to the main road access to the community making it less safe for the students. Also, if you’ve ever been to a village in Laos you know there are tons of farm animals ( like pigs, hens, cats and ducks) roaming around. These animals, even though harmless, can damage or make the classrooms dirty.

This fence makes the school safer, keeps it nice and clean and assures the school to be maintained like this for a longer period of time. The community of Houy Fay couldnt be happier! Around 66 students benefit from these projects that change their every day.