The Luang Prabang Eco Bungalow project is a milestone in community development through tourism.

Eco Clay Project Laos

Eco Bungalow Project, Community Stay Luang Prabang, Laos


The partners involved in this Luang Prabang based project have created a great example for new forms of home stay / community stay business and income generation in local Lao communities.

The project coordinators from Fair Trek, Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures and namely the internationally acting organization of World Volunteer have made this new project possible.

The Eco Bungalow project is now seeking new networking partners to promote the concept and promote the tours, packages and village stays to visitors from around the world.



Future project supporters wanted!

Below you find a statement and project related information from one of the supporters of the World Volunteer, Fair Trek cooperation in Laos. It gives a good insight into the project outline and emphasizes the wish for other personalities and companies to take part as donors and supporters of this community development project in the future.


More Eco Clay Bungalows are in planning as of the time of writing in spring 2013.


Clay school project Laos, Fair Trek community tour The region of Ban Long Lao Mai is in the vicinity of Luang Prabang, Laos’ fourth largest city.  This scenic region with its picturesque countryside and its approximately 700 inhabitants is increasingly visited by tourists traveling through northern Laos.  The presence of increasing numbers of tourists gave rise to the idea of building an ECO bungalow that can be used by groups of tourists for overnight stays. Certified guides from the village will offer hikes in the limestone mountains in the area, to caves and to the Kuang Si waterfall.


Eco Bungalow project Luang Prabang The goal of this project is to create a sustainable new income source for the region’s inhabitants: through accommodation for and catering to tourists, and through the sale of local handicrafts.

The construction of the ECO bungalows will be supported by the GFA BRIDGES budget through a grant of €4,000. The money will be used to buy building material, paint, shovels and gloves, among other things.

Eco Bungalow project home stay Luang Prabang

Volunteers from Sweden will join forces with the villagers at the end of 2012 to begin work on the construction of the ECO bungalow. Current plans are that 50 per cent of the revenue be transferred into a fund intended to benefit the entire village. This could then fund projects such as the construction of further ECO bungalows and various classrooms.

Eco Bungalow Project Luang Prabang

Eco Bungalow Project Luang Prabang