Laos closed all borders in March 2020 and they only opened on 9 May 2022.

People reliant on tourism went home and grew food or got other jobs in other industries such as construction. As if the pandemic didn’t cause enough hardship to this beautiful country of 7 million people, the current fuel crisis and 9% inflation is making life difficult for many.

Visitors wishing to experience the magic of Laos are starting to return. It is anticipated most will visit between September 2022 and March 2023. This is the best time for weather and temperature.

Reasons to visit Laos in 2022

1. In 2022 it is an opportunity to enjoy Laos without large crowds and get the opportunity to see local life as it really is.

2. Entering Laos is easy if you are vaccinated.

3. It is safe. Tour operators, hotels and restaurants are gearing up in preparation. There is a lot to prepare. Businesses have undergone Covid Safe hospitality training (LaoSafe) for staff in hotels, tour companies and drivers to ensure the safety of tourists. Vehicles are being maintained, trekking tracks are being checked and cleared, and staff skills are being refreshed. Some foreign language skills may have become a little rusty after not being used for two years.

4. Laos needs your support. The money you spend in Laos on hotels, tours, transport, in restaurants and markets supports not only the staff or vendor but a wide extended family and Laos needs your help now. Laos is reliant on imports for almost everything, however, it remains inexpensive for the average tourist to spend a week here. Come and enjoy yourself and the joy knowing you are helping others brings.

5. Beauty. The Lao people are the most beautiful you will meet, They will smile and welcome you into their lives. And if this wasn’t enough get out of town on a local tour to see the stunning scenery and learn even more about Laos from your local guide.