Like many countries, Laos is in lockdown during this time. Laos had a rapid response to Coronavirus making it a safe place to travel. Currently only domestic travel is available as Laos remains closed to Tourists. No tourist visas are being issued.

1 April 2021: 49 Cases, 0 deaths.

Second batch of China-donated COVID-19 vaccines arrived.

22 March 2021: 49 Cases, 0 deaths.

Safety measures in Laos
Nationwide restrictions remain in effect. Most businesses may operate with strict hygiene and social distancing measures. Mass gatherings and entertainment venues remain suspended. Tiger Trail has implemented Safety Protocols for all tours.

International Flights to Laos
International flights are mostly limited to emergencies and repatriation. Authorities have banned chartered flights from locations with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks. Additionally, some localities may implement stricter measures in parts of Laos. Officials may reintroduce or tighten controls if local COVID-19 activity increases.

Travel Restrictions
Tourist visas, visas-on-arrival, and standing visa exemptions remain suspended. All entrants require prior permission from the nearest Laos diplomatic mission at least seven days before arrival. Approved foreign travelers, such as diplomats, officials, essential workers, technical experts, and tourists from locations with low COVID-19 activity, may enter Laos. Entrants must produce negative COVID-19 test results obtained within 72 hours before the trip. Additionally, arrivals will undergo paid testing upon entry and a 14-day quarantine at a designated facility. Land border restrictions remain, except for cargo transport.

The government allows Chinese nationals from provinces without COVID-19 activity to enter Laos with testing and reduced quarantine requirements.

International borders remain closed for entry to foreigners. Entry requirements to Laos are:

  • A valid Certificate of Entry (COA) issued by MOFA (this takes 2-6 weeks to process). COE’s are valid for 2 weeks minimum, if expired at the time of travel they must be re-issued.
  • An existing multiple entry visa or temporary visa obtained at your closest Lao embassy or consulate (you pay only after you have arrived safely in Laos).
  • Confirmed quarantine hotel reservation and Government pickup at Vientiane Airport or International Land Border.
  • Mandatory 14 days / 100$ Covid insurance.
  • A negative PCR Covid test confirmed no more than 72 hours before your last flight to Laos.

17 March 2021: 49 Cases, 0 deaths.

A total of 40,732 people including medical workers, officials tourism workers have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

01 March 2021:45 Cases, 0 deaths.

Laos has extended its COVID-19 prevention measures and required all foreign citizens entering Laos to purchase COVID-19 insurance. According to a notice issued by the National Taskforce Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, COVID-19 insurance is now mandatory in addition to other travel documents and requests for permission to enter the country. Non-Lao citizens wishing to enter Laos must contact their embassy concerning COVID-19 insurance, which will cover the cost of any medication prescribed in the event that the policy holder contracts the virus.
The special cover is now required because ordinary health and travel insurance policies do not provide cover against pandemics, including any incidents relating to COVID-19.

14 Jan 2021: 41 Cases, 0 deaths.

According to a notice issued by the National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control yesterday, returning residents who test negative will be allowed to complete their quarantine in their homes or at their place of employment instead of the previous requirement for a 14-day quarantine in a designated quarantine center or hotel.
International travelers, both Lao and foreign, must produce a medical certificate proving they are free of Covid-19 within 72 hours before travel. All arrivals must first wait at official quarantine hotels or centers authorized by the government to receive a Covid-19 test result within 48 hours. Following this step, arrivals will then be allowed to undertake self-isolation for 14 days at their home, office, or other authorized locations after receiving a negative test result.

According to the notice, tour groups must carry certification of a 14-day pre-flight quarantine, including a Covid-19 medical test with a negative result within 72 hours before arrival in Laos. Anyone arriving from a country with a Covid-19 outbreak must enter quarantine for 14 days at an authorized quarantine hotel or center provided by the Government of Laos.

April-June 2020: 19 Cases, 0 deaths.

On 1 April one more case was confirmed, bringing a total to 10. On 5 April the 11th case was reported as a 55-year-old man from Papua New Guinea. On 20 March all land borders closed and the last flights departed from Luang Prabang and Vientiane occurred on On 18 May domestic travel allowed. On 2 June students returned to schools. On 4 June the government allowed foreigners into the country, except tourish visas.

24 March 2020: 2 Cases, 0 deaths.

Laos confirmed its first two COVID-19 cases, becoming the last Southeast Asian country infected with coronavirus.

This information was updated today and will continue to be updated.