Last week we journeyed from Vang Vieng to the south of Laos on an inspection trip. I’ll write about what we found and experienced in the coming months.

Looking through the photos I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of Laos. The skies are blue and the lands are green, Laos holds a unique charm during the rainy season.

While many travelers prefer visiting during the dry season, the beauty of Laos in the rainy season should not be overlooked. In close to 3 weeks we had 1.5 days of rain so you can’t complain about that being too wet. From lush green landscapes to vibrant waterfalls and cultural festivals, here are three reasons why exploring Laos during the rainy season can be a captivating experience.

Lush Green Landscapes: The rainfall in Laos rejuvenates the countryside, transforming it into a lush green paradise. The rice paddies and forests come alive with vibrant hues, creating a picturesque backdrop for travelers. There are endless opportunities for photo ops. The countryside’s beauty is enhanced, offering a serene and refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cultural Festivals: The rainy season in Laos is marked by a multitude of traditional festivals that celebrate the country’s rich culture and heritage. One notable festival is Boun Bang Fai, also known as the Rocket Festival, which takes place in various villages across the country. During this lively event, locals construct large rockets and launch them into the sky, accompanied by music, dancing, and traditional ceremonies. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and witness the vibrant festivities that take place during the rainy season.

We just happened to witness this outside of Thakhet one afternoon! The skies were so blue and watching the rockets set off was incredible. I’ll write about that soon.

Fewer Crowds and lower prices: The rainy season in Laos is considered the off-peak travel period, which means fewer crowds and lower prices for accommodations. Travelers who don’t mind occasional rain showers can enjoy the benefits of reduced tourist numbers, allowing for a more intimate and authentic experience. Additionally, many hotels offer discounted rates during this time, making it an ideal opportunity for budget-conscious travelers to explore the beauty of Laos without breaking the bank.

It may be hotter but there is an endless supply of pools wherever you go just look at some of the amazing swimming pools we found.

The rainy season in Laos brings forth a unique and captivating beauty. From the lush green landscapes to the vibrant festivals and the advantages of fewer crowds and lower prices, exploring Laos during this time offers a different perspective and an opportunity to witness the country’s natural and cultural splendor in a tranquil and immersive setting.