The Fair Trek Eco Bungalow welcomes its 100th visitor!

Today the Fair Trek team is proud to announce that the Eco Bungalow has just reached its 100th guest! With or recent listing on Airbnb, it is now easier to book the eco-bungalow than ever! We will strive to increase this number, connecting more tourists with local community members in the Hmong village of Long Lao Mai just outside of Luang Prabang.

What is Fair Trek?

Fair Trek operates under parent company Tiger Trail Travel, a leading destination management company based in Luang Prabang. Founded in 2000, Tiger Trail was one of the pioneers in tourism in Luang Prabang and has since proven to be a leader in sustainable travel in Laos.

We at Fair Trek create authentic and educational travel experiences that directly benefit local communities in Laos. Our programs are built on the community-based tourism framework to empower local communities to use tourism, not be used by it.

What is the eco-bungalow?

The Eco Bungalow was built by student volunteers from Fair Trek’s partner, World Volunteer. The project’s concept was designed as a sustainable, income-generating initiative for the community. Construction was funded by the volunteers and private donors but the Eco Bungalow is fully owned and managed by the village.

Since most villagers are subsistence farmers, they not recieve additional income in the form of accomodation fees from the eco-bungalow, service fees distributed to villagers directly working with the eco-bungalow, and a communal village fund from the program fee.

Book now on AirBnB

Book this authentic Lao experience and stay at the Fair Trek Eco Bungalow near Luang Prabang, now available for advanced booking on Airbnb.